WhyUs ?
Our Core Values

Our Core Values defines what we as a firm stand for, and are there to guide us in our day-to-day decisions;

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Mutual Support
  • Strong and Personal Client Relationships
  • Knowledge and Innovation
  • Passion and Delivery
Our Delivery Components


Research in important part when we are about to start up the project, our research are include of risk analysis, external reference/output.


We always build great mutual respect among our team, which lead us to a very basic foundation of success : Teamwork.


ICT services, likes or dislikes, are very dependent to tools/technology, hence we always provide the best tools to get the optimum result & customer satisfaction.


Our main objective is Delivery, it is become our biggest concern to deliver our service satisfactorily.

Our Achievements 
•Trusted partner Telkomsel for in-house swadaya project

•Trusted partner PT. Immobi Solusi Prima for Truebex Program East Java

•Trusted partner PT. Nexwavein Survey & TNP

•Trusted partner PT. Huawei in Drive Test
Skill Matrix Comparisons
*) Project Base Purpose
  PT. Velacom Other Companiess
Rigger / TI / Field Maintenace
Site Acquisition / SITAC
SAS Survey
TSS Survey
RF Survey
TX Survey
CME Survey
RF Installation
RF Dismantle
Antenna Lowering
GPS Tracking
Tower Dismantle  
Tower Maintenance  
Network Integration  
Datafilling/ Reporting  
Drive Test / Walk Test / CET Engr
Nemo Outdoor Proficient Use
Tems Investigation Proficient Use
Nemo Handy Proficient Use
Tems Pocket Proficient Use
Genex Probe Proficient Use  
Scanner DT  
Auto command scripting  
Outdoor Walktest Preparation
Indoor Walktest Preparation
SSV Drive Test
Cluster Drive Test
LAC/RAC Splitting  
VIP Complaints  
Spectrum Interferrence Scanning  
Special Events Preparation  
Comprehensive Reporting  
OS Troubleshooting  
Tems/ Nemo Troubleshooting  
Tools Readiness
*) Project Base Purpose
Tools Vendor Qty GSM 900 GSM 1800 UMTS 2100 UMTS 2100 UMTS 2100 UMTS 900 UMTS 900 UMTS 900 LTE 900 LTE 1800
Samsung Galaxy S5 Nemo 6 15
Tems 16 12
Android 4.0 4
Nokia C5 Nemo 6 30              
Sony E/ LT25 Tems 16 16  
Android 4.0 6  
Sony E/ W995 Tems 10 / Tems 16 12              
Sony E/ K800 Tems 8 / Tems 10 12              
Sierra Wireless A330 Nemo 6 / Tems 16 8
Nemo Outdoor Thinkpad T410 15
Tems Investigation Thinkpad T410 8
Polytron ZAP5 Android 5.0 6